Thursday, 28 November 2013

Head to Toe Primark

Jacket, Dress, Necklace and Boots - all Primark
Primark Mesh Sweetheart Dress available via ASOS - £8

So I may have had to destroy my room and take over 100 photos, but here is my first outfit post! Sorry for the not-so-great quality of the photos but my flat is a bit dark and dingy so this is the best I can do at the moment.

I've wanted to share this outfit for a while because this has become one of my favourite go-to outfits now that it is winter. Although I already owned 3 other leather-look biker jackets when I saw this one in store I just couldn't leave it behind. The fur collar is so snuggly and warm so I've been reaching for this jacket a lot lately to make wearing dresses in this weather bearable.

I also can't get over how cheap this dress was. Its still available via ASOS for just £8 delivered which is amazing considering the quality of it. It doesn't feel like the usual Primark dress as the material is nice and thick and although you can't see it here it does have very pretty back detailing which I adore.

You know you're definitely a student when you're dressed head to toe in Primark...

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Vera Wang Lovestruck Eau de Parfum 100ml for less than £31 Delivered!

Vera Wang Lovestruck Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml via Amazon - £30.79

Groupon sent out an email a few weeks ago about a deal they had on Vera Wang Princess and Lovestruck but by the time I looked at the offer, the 100ml of Lovestruck was out of stock so I hunted around on the internet for a bit and came across this offer. Its £30.79 for 100ml on Amazon, whereas Boots and Superdrug are selling the 50ml for around £47 (!!) so this could be perfect as a Christmas present.

I'm terrible at describing scents but to me this smells really sweet and floral and it lasts such a long time - longer than any other perfume I've had. When it arrived I sprayed some on my wrist and for hours later I could still smell it. I also think the bottle is absolutely gorgeous so I can definitely see this becoming a favourite of mine. My flatmate has already ordered one as well!

Note: I am not being endorsed in any way for this product, I just wanted to share this great offer!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Online Dress Shopping Haul - All Under £12!

From L - R:
Topshop Mesh Insert Skater Dress via eBay - £9 - may be available here
H&M Cat Jersey Dress - £8.64 with discount codes
Topshop Heart Mesh Flippy Dress via eBay - £11.15 - may be available here

Becoming a university student and moving away from home a few months ago has meant I've had to curb my clothes shopping (a little!) so I've been trying to find ways to spend less money, yet still get my shopping fix. These four beauties are the result of my new online shopping habbits.

Both Topshop dresses I managed to get off eBay a lot cheaper than the price they usually sell for as the black mesh dress wasn't photographed very well by the seller and the heart one ended at 11pm which luckily meant that not many people were bidding at that time. I think both were originally sold at Topshop for £45 each!

The H&M and Primark dresses I found out about through 10 Ways on Facebook. They regularly post discount codes and freebie offers on their page so if you haven't liked them yet you need to! I found out about the Primark dress being in the sale via their page and I also used the H&M discounts they posted a while ago to get the H&M cat dress down from £12.99 to just £8.64 - postage included!

If you know anymore student discount pages or hints and tips please let me know!

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler for just £17.99!

I'd been looking to get a hair curling tool for a while so when Serena from Pretty Wild Things posted about this great deal from Home Bargains I ordered them straight away. It says on the website that the original price was £49.99 which alone saves you £32 but I know my flatmate paid £60 for hers so it is a massive saving!

What I love about the Enrapture styler is that it has three different heated parts which you can change the temperature on to create a looser wave or tight curls, depending on what look you want. I've only had chance to try them out a couple of times since I got them but I'm so pleased with them. They're so easy to use and the curls seem to last a pretty decent amount of time so I can definitely see these getting a lot of use on nights out and formal occasions.

Note: I am not being endorsed in any way for this product, I just wanted to share this great offer!

Winter Accessories Wishlist

1. Primark Tartan Scarf - £4
4. H&M Fake Fur Collar - no longer available online - may be available here
5. H&M Necklace - £14.99

Now that the weather is starting to get cooler I've been craving some winter accessories to update my wardrobe and these are my favourites.

I've wanted a tartan scarf for a while now and for just £4 this one from Primark won't cut out of my wages too much. I really wish ASOS carried a larger selection of Primark's range because I would have bought this one straight away!

I've also been loving H&M's new winter accessories and as I've got a voucher for their online store I can definitely see myself making a purchase or two when I get paid next. The necklace immediately caught my eye when I saw it on the website and I think it will look great with a dress I've got to wear over the festive season. I've also seen belts like #2 everywhere at the moment which I think would be great for updating plainer outfits. And although they are no longer available on the website, I've been lusting over their fake fur collars since I saw them on llymlrs so I've got a few of them on my watch list on eBay.

I also saw one of the girls on my course wearing boots like #3 to one of our seminars which looked really cute so I'm hoping I can buy these soon to wear with casual outfits.

What winter accessories have you been buying lately?


I've decided to relaunch my blog! I was previously blogging at but I'd not updated it for a while because I wasn't feeling very happy with it so I thought a fresh start might be a good way forward.

I'm still going to be blogging about similar things as before (clothes, nail polish, cute things etc.) so if you were a follower of my previous blog hopefully you'll enjoy this one too.

Thank you so much for sticking with me!