Thursday, 23 January 2014

NOTD | Icy Winter Nails

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Barracuda
OPI Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer in Solitaire
Ring from Accessorize

Another Wintery-themed NOTD! I was given the Sally Hansen polish for Christmas from one of my friends and it has been a very welcome addition to my collection. The colour is so pretty and versatile and it applies like a dream - only two coats and it is perfectly opaque.

I've also been loving this OPI Liquid Sand polish from their Bond Girls collection. My flatmate originally introduced me to the collection and I ended buying both the mini collection and a full size bottle of Tiffany! These seem to have a bit of a love/hate reaction in the blogging world but I've been really impressed with them. They are fairly easy to remove so they make a great alternative to glitter polishes when you fancy sparkly nails!

P.S. Sorry the polish isn't looking too great - I used a cheap topcoat instead of my beloved Seche Vite. That'll teach me for painting my nails in the middle of the night!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Oh Deer!

Khaki Jacket - New Look
Cropped Jumper - New Look
Filigree Stag Necklace - New Look
Leather-look Skater Skirt - Primark
Ballet Flats (just seen) - New Look

Now that my January exams are out the way (hurrah!) I'll hopefully have a bit more time to do some blog posts before my coursework deadlines start looming in February. So to start with I thought I'd share one of my new outfits. Although all of these items are old, apart from the deer necklace, I'd never thought to wear these together before. I had sudden inspiration to root through my wardrobe at 1am last night and came up with this new combination. I've had this skirt for over two years and I have only worn it once before so I'm glad I've finally found a way to wear it!

And also, how cute is this deer necklace? I got it in the Boxing Day sales for just £3.45! I've also had my eye on a similar style necklace on eBay (this time a winged horse rather than a deer!) but I'm currently on a mini-spending ban so I am trying to stop myself.

P.S. Sorry about the corny post title. I couldn't resist!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Little Spring Wishlist

From L to R:
2. Primark Pink Biker Jacket - £25

Now that the New Year is out of the way I seem to be wanting all things Spring and pink. I've wanted a new watch for a while now but sadly a lot of the ones I liked were out of my student price range, so when I stumbled across this pretty rose gold one for just £72, I knew I had to have it. I've also been seriously lusting after this sugary sweet biker jacket from Primark. I'm due another student loan payment in a few days so I may have to take a sly trip to Primark once it comes in. And as my flatmate and I are planning on visiting The Harry Potter studios at the end of February I thought this floral Deathly Hallow tee would be perfect for the occasion. What do you think?