Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cute Buy of the Month: £2 Cat Watch

I've wanted to re-establish this feature that I tried out on my old blog (you can see my old 'cute buy of the month' posts here) but I've not got round to it before now. However I thought this cute watch would be perfect to kick start it again. Therefore April's cute, and very purse-friendly, buy of the month is this £2 cat watch! I actually paid £1.92 for mine with free shipping but from a quick search on eBay I've seen that these are now going for as low as £1.62!

I think this watch would make the puuurfect (I'm not even sorry) budget present for a cat-obsessed friend or a nice little treat for yourself without breaking the bank. Just be warned though that if you do buy it as a present it may take a while to arrive as most of them come from Asia - mine took over a month to come but at less than £2 with free shipping, I'm not complaining!

You should be able to find a few in this eBay search (ranked from lowest to highest price).