Thursday, 16 January 2014

Oh Deer!

Khaki Jacket - New Look
Cropped Jumper - New Look
Filigree Stag Necklace - New Look
Leather-look Skater Skirt - Primark
Ballet Flats (just seen) - New Look

Now that my January exams are out the way (hurrah!) I'll hopefully have a bit more time to do some blog posts before my coursework deadlines start looming in February. So to start with I thought I'd share one of my new outfits. Although all of these items are old, apart from the deer necklace, I'd never thought to wear these together before. I had sudden inspiration to root through my wardrobe at 1am last night and came up with this new combination. I've had this skirt for over two years and I have only worn it once before so I'm glad I've finally found a way to wear it!

And also, how cute is this deer necklace? I got it in the Boxing Day sales for just £3.45! I've also had my eye on a similar style necklace on eBay (this time a winged horse rather than a deer!) but I'm currently on a mini-spending ban so I am trying to stop myself.

P.S. Sorry about the corny post title. I couldn't resist!