Sunday, 17 November 2013

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler for just £17.99!

I'd been looking to get a hair curling tool for a while so when Serena from Pretty Wild Things posted about this great deal from Home Bargains I ordered them straight away. It says on the website that the original price was £49.99 which alone saves you £32 but I know my flatmate paid £60 for hers so it is a massive saving!

What I love about the Enrapture styler is that it has three different heated parts which you can change the temperature on to create a looser wave or tight curls, depending on what look you want. I've only had chance to try them out a couple of times since I got them but I'm so pleased with them. They're so easy to use and the curls seem to last a pretty decent amount of time so I can definitely see these getting a lot of use on nights out and formal occasions.

Note: I am not being endorsed in any way for this product, I just wanted to share this great offer!

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